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Who are we?

Gary Cumberbatch Finance Consultants is a boutique finance practice focused on the provision of qualified market and transaction advice across the mortgage and asset finance arena, providing  guidance with residential and commercial property matters, business related asset acquisition and personal finance.

That's BORING!

We are committed individuals excited by what the future holds for both the creation of our business and those who we serve in achieving their goals and aspirations. We aspire to the generation of emotional people driven relationships that shape lives! The lives of you, your family, your staff and the community.

What do we do?

We listen hard; we seek to understand; we research; we strategise, we share knowledge; we help to create futures and;


We seek to make a difference everyday!

Ultimately we do that by introducing a willing borrower to an agreeable lender for the mutual benefit of both. Happy days!

Why do we do it?

Because we share a vision that inspires us each and every day; because we believe we can make a difference to our lives, the lives of our families and equally, the lives of our clients who share their dreams and vision for the future with us.




"Committed research delivering knowledge growth and finance strategy development for first home buyers through to property developers, commercial property participants and business owners."  

Gary Cumberbatch

Founder & Managing Director

Passionate about people and with a long history in finance and leadership, Gary is a proud Tasmanian with senior management and executive level financial services experience. 

His Vision for GCFC is simple; "to make a positively tangible difference to the lives of those who we serve, through the daily generation of outcomes that could only be described as a reflection of excellence”.

Gary is a past Director and National Treasurer of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA). Amongst other qualifications, he holds a Master's degree in Finance from the University of Tasmania, where he was admitted to the Dean's Role of Excellence for academic achievement in 2013. He was also awarded Fellowship of the MFAA in 2007 for service and commitment to the finance industry.

Gary Cumberbatch

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

We're a boutique practice (read small) where roles cross-over as needs dictate in service of our clients and delivery against our Vision. We choose it to be this way; we dig-in and help each other. We don't say, "that's not my job" and leave it for someone else to take on. We're respectful of others but we hold each other to account in the achievement of excellence borne from our actions and behaviors. 

This requires us all to be the Chief Cook & Bottle Washer; there's no other way from our clients perspective, that we can 'be' our Vision. 

We remind ourselves of the demands of what is required every single day; excellence is a way of being, not something we can choose on a whim. We are either delivering excellence or we are not, there is no middle ground!

Gary Cumberbatch

Head of People & Culture

Peoplehuman beings making up a group or assembly or linked by a common interest.

Culturethe set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterise an institution or organisation.

People drive everything we do and how they do it, drives our Culture. 

People are everything to this business; without them we are nothing. Without a Culture that inspires People to engage with us, we are nothing. 

Gary is the holder of the baton associated with this mandate; he is ultimately responsible for our success or failure in this regard. The buck stops with him!

"Culture eats strategy for Breakfast," is a famous quotation attributed to the late Peter Drucker. Without hesitation, that encapsulates the ethos of GCFC, it's always about the People!

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