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What's the problem with banker jokes? Bankers don't think they're funny, normal people don't think they're jokes.

Author Unknown

So while our Banker friends may be offended by our little joke at their expense, we don't want their jokes to cost you! Mark our words, all loans or lenders are not created equal. We often hear conversations that revolve around interest rate, fees and charges and whilst these components are obviously relevant, to focus on them alone is to put the cart before the horse. All the moving parts in a property transaction (read people; purchasers, bankers, solicitors, investment advisors, surveyors, town planners, financial planners, finance experts, accountants, etc.) need to understand; why you are interested in a particular property or development, what it is you want to achieve through acquiring it, when and for how long you intend to hold it and for whom it is to ultimately benefit. That is, we need to understand how it fits into your life goals or business aspirations and then decide the 'how' we'll get you there from a loan perspective. After all, every property purchase, whether you recognise it today or not, should be treated as an investment, shouldn't it?


The biggest joke of all? Bailed out bank Lloyds paying for sense of humour training at the Comedy School. That's one thing money can't buy.

Author Unkown

"Trains and boats and planes", as the line goes from the famous Burt Bacharach song! As well as cars, big yellow dozers, cranes and  other equipment that drives an economic return and helps business function. We're probably more focused on the four wheel asset finance variety, but if it's big and yellow, we'll know where to go too! Similarly, we cross-over into personal and business finance. In fact, we can access unsecured business finance at levels simply not achievable through traditional financiers in days gone by. Online platforms; simplicity; speed and agility are hallmarks of this contemporary business finance space.

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